Dragonball Resurrection

Dying and being resurrected from the dead was a central theme throughout the entire Dragon Ball Z saga.
During many of the episodes, you would see various fights that ended in the death of one of your most loved or hated characters.
In the show, you would see the entire human existence become completely annihilated multiple times and then eventually being resurrected back to life.
To do this, you would have to channel the Almighty Dragon Shenron, this was no easy task! You would have to seek out all 7 of some of the most powerful objects in the Dragon Ball universe. These were called Dragon Balls and they were worth dying for.


Once all 7 were collected, Shenron would appear and grant you 1 wish (later turned to 3). Majority of the time, these wishes were used to bring friends, family and the world back to life.

In honor of Easter, also known as the day of Resurrection- We have released two limited edition Dragonball Inspired crown pastel color ways:

Trunks Purple and Piccolo Green.

Two prominent characters in the show that died and were resurrected several times. The lavender color way is inspired by the color of Trunks hair. Trunks, who was known to travel back in time, which is what represents the nostalgic feeling you get when you look at this crown.

Piccolo Green represents the green hue of Piccolo's skin and the fact that he held the ability to rejuvenate himself.

Making it almost impossible to die (he still died though).

Introducing our limited edition pastel color ways Dragon Ball: Resurrection.