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One word-JMAXX. Everything she does or creates, it's to her maximum ability. Give her a vision and within moments, watch that vision come to life. JMaxx is the Founder and Chief Designer to the Satwraps Royal Wear Brand. With not only being a Fashion Designer, but a Professional Celebrity Hair Stylist with over 25+ years of service- JMaxx recognized a few things lacking in the Beauty and Hair Care Industry...There wasn't a quality hair accessory that was easily accessible to all people, looked good enough and could be respected and deemed as luxury, actually did what it said it could do, and most importantly- transcended negative stereotypes and perceptions. This was the birth of something larger than your ordinary hair accessory. This was the birth of Satwraps Royal Wear.



Natalia Leemuriee, (or simply Nat for short) is not only the Heir to the Throne, but she's also 1/2 of the Mvsterminds that are responsible for the Marketing and Operations of the Satwraps Royal Wear Brand. Not only is she dangerously accurate with pins and needles, but her Beauty & Brains also makes her a Powerful Weapon of Mass Production!

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Javier Lee (Food For Thought), also known as "The Word Smith", is the other half of the Mvsterminds that help to creatively and strategically power the Satwraps Royal Wear brand. He kinda has a way with his words that helps to position things in their best light. Sort of like all of our amazing products. If you are reading this, it's not too late to click add to cart.

The history behind sATWRAPS

In 2008 Satwraps Founder JMaxx, originally created Satwraps with one product in mind- which was created for the protection of woman's hair. By creating a versatile product, she was able to make women feel more beautiful, negate negative stereotypes, and create useful everyday works of art. Her message, "Protect Your Crown", began unfolding when she was visiting her Grandmother (The woman responsible for her passion to sew among other things) in the hospital. There was another woman who shared the room with her grandmother whom was extremely ill, suffering from cancer. JMaxx noticed that the woman did not allow any visitors to come and see her. Being the caring and charismatic soul that she is, she made the woman promise her that if she created something specially for her that made her look and feel beautiful- she had to allow her family and friends to see her.... and she did!
This experience set the trajectory for Satwraps Royal Wear- Helping people to protect their crown while feeling like luxury.


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