"Money Talk" Beard Bonnet


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Introducing the Royal Beard Bonnet
With that long beautiful mane sprouting from your chin, of course, you have to maintain it.
So why a beard bonnet?
•Multi-purpose problem solver such as keeping food out of your facial hair and locking in crucial moisture inside your skin and hair for healthy beard growth.

•Designed with 100% satin fabric to protect your beard and it's soft feel.

•Perfect to be used along with your favorite Beard Wax, Oil or Conditioner.

•Save your beard from annoying tangles and bald spots from rubbing against the harsh fibers of your bed lining.

•Protect your beard from messes when eating and interacting in other messy activities.

•BUT MOST importantly protect your beard in STYLE with a reversible SW Crown.

Crown Care

Quality stitched and delicately crafted to perfection. Dual-layered satin for easy cleaning, soft comfortable feel, and purpose. Hand spot clean with soap and water only! Do not machine wash. Air dry only. If you do not follow these instructions, you will ruin your beard bonnet.

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